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As you enjoy your own exclusive glamping site with just you, your family, and friends in the midst of the lovely Dorset countryside, our spectacular glamping holidays at Stock Gaylard will help you disconnect and reconnect.

While camping has always been a highly popular getaway into nature, there has been another style of getaway that has continued to increase in popularity in recent years, and that is glamping. This is a luxury type of camping, involving facilities and accommodation that is much more comfortable than traditional tents. 

Here at Stock Gaylard, we offer stunning glamping holidays on our site in the beautiful Dorset countryside. We understand that you might have many questions regarding our glamping holidays and even glamping itself, so we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions for you below. If your question hasn’t been answered here, don’t hesitate to reach out on 01963 23511. 

When Was Glamping Invented?

Glamping, which is a luxury type of camping involving facilities and more comfortable accommodation than traditional tents, originated right here in the UK. People started to search for the term ‘glamping’ back in 2007, with these searches being specifically in the UK and Republic of Ireland. 

Since its invention in 2007, the popularity of glamping has only continued to increase, with more people in the UK and around the world whisking themselves away for glamping holidays and weekend getaways.  

Now, glamping is actually one of the most popular types of holidays and weekend getaway for many people, from friends and couples to families with small children. Glamping Dorset allows you to embrace everything that is great about camping out in nature, all while leaving out the bits you don’t quite enjoy as much (such as lack of facilities and sleeping on the floor in a traditional tent).  

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How Is Glamping Different from Camping?

In order to explain how glamping is different from camping, we must first delve into glamping and what it is. Glamping is a luxury type of camping, with the name being derived from ‘glamour’ and ‘camping’. It is a type of camping that includes the addition of facilities and accommodation that is considered to be far more comfortable than traditional camping. It allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature in style, without the uncomfortable aspects of camping. 

While the idea of camping out in nature might seem appealing at first, once you turn up with your tent and have to battle with uncomfortable floors to sleep on, lack of facilities, the cold, creepy crawlies, etc., it can soon lose its appeal. For many, their first camping experience is their last. However, glamping offers the same experience of being out in nature, just in a more luxurious way. 

The accommodation when glamping is much more comfortable than camping. Rather than a tent and roughing it on the cold, hard ground, you stay in warm, comfortable accommodation, such as yurts. These have access to electricity and running water, along with comfortable beds with actual bedding. 

Then there are the facilities available when you go glamping. When you are camping, you might have basic facilities if you are lucky, but these are shared with everyone else on the campsite and probably not the most appealing. With glamping, you get access to far nicer facilities. In fact, at Stock Gaylard, your site will have its own facilities – there are no shared amenities! 

Additionally, when you go camping, you are left to cook on a small travel hob or over a fire, which might sound fun but is more trouble than it’s worth. With glamping at Stock Gaylard, you get access to kitchen in your yurt, so you can cook in style. 

As you can see from the above, glamping is a style of camping that is far more luxurious and offers better amenities and facilities for a more comfortable stay. 

Where is Glamping Located?

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If you are interested in trying out glamping for yourself, and wondering where glamping is located, the good news is that there are glamping sites across the UK. There is sure to be a glamping site near you or located in an area of the country you’ve always wanted to visit. As for our glamping at Stock Gaylard, this is located within the Stock Gaylard Estate, which is 1,800 acres of North Dorset’s most spectacular countryside.  

Staying in one of our yurts is the perfect way to enjoy this unspoiled and absolutely stunning scenery, with hedgerows and woodlands that have been preserved for over 200 years. We have four different types of accommodation located across our site, from Withybed Yurts and Brickles Yurts to Parsons Camp and Sawpits 

Our Withybed Yurts are positioned beside a farm track near to the Deer Park on Stroud Farm, which is a mixed farm with cattle, sheep, and cereals.  

Our Brickles Yurts is an exclusive site situated on the edge of the 60-acre Brickles Wood, which is part of Hydes farm, a working dairy farm of 240 cows.  

Parsons Camp is situated between the bottom corners of Brickles Wood and Parsons Copse, with views across the Dorset countryside towards Bulbarrow Hill. 

Finally, we have the Sawpits, which is a peaceful and private site designed to take advantage of the stunning views in all directions. 

Can You Hire Glamping Tents?

One of the questions we get asked quite frequently regarding our glamping holidays is “can you hire glamping tents?” On many glamping sites across the UK, you will be able to hire all types of glamping accommodation, including comfortable and luxurious glamping tents. Here at Stock Gaylard, we have four different types of glamping accommodation, which are tents known as yurts. We have two types of glamping yurts – Withybed Yurts and Brickles Yurts 

Our Withybed Yurts sleep 14 and consist of three sleeping yurts and a living yurt pitched on a raised decking. There is a sun-soaked outdoor eating area and kitchen, campfire, under the stars bath, shower, and toilet facilities. 

Our Brickles Yurts sleep 12, consisting of three yurts in a traditional yurt camp, along with a living yurt. There is also a campfire, kitchen, and bathroom facilities. 

Parsons Camp isn’t yurt accommodation, but rather a retired tourist bus. This bus sleeps five downstairs and includes an indoor kitchen and eating area as well as an open-topped dining area. Six more can sleep in the bunkhouse and shepherds hut, allowing 11 to sleep comfortably, and there is a horsebox bathroom. 

Finally, we have the Sawpits, which are woodman’s wagons that sleep two inside (and two children in their own tent). These wagons have a double bed, small dining and living area, and kitchen facilities. There is a small deck along with a shower and toilet. 

How Much Does Glamping Cost?

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding glamping is, of course, how much it will cost. There isn’t a simple answer to this question as the cost will differ across the different glamping sites in the UK. Everything from the level of luxury you book to the standard offerings at each glamping site will affect the cost, but glamping is traditionally more expensive than camping. 

This is because, with camping, you pay for the site and basic facilities – you bring your own tent to pitch and your own equipment, which keeps costs down. With glamping, however, you are hiring luxurious and comfortable accommodation, along with facilities such as working kitchens, showers/baths, and toilets. As such, you can expect to pay more for the privilege. 

Here at Stock Gaylard, we offer four individual accommodations, each with varying prices. These are: 

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What to Bring When You Go Glamping?

Another question that crops up quite often is what to bring when you go glamping. For many people, glamping is their first experience with any sort of camping and, even for those who have been camping before, you might not know what to expect and, as such, what you need to bring. Well, here at Stock Gaylard, we do provide a lot for our glampers, including: 

  • Mains Water 
  • Bedding 
  • Tea Towels 
  • Solar Lights and Torches 
  • Small Gas Camping Fridge 
  • One Load of Logs for Campfire 
  • All Cooking Utensils 
  • Gas Hob in Living Yurt & BBQ with Start Up Charcoal 
  • Bath with Hot Water Tank and Gas Showers 
  • Jigsaw Puzzles & Games 

We do try to cover as many facilities and amenities as possible with our glamping sites, ensuring you can enjoy a comfortable stay with us. However, there are some things that we do not provide, which you will need to bring with you when you come glamping on our site. These things include: 

  • Towels 
  • Extra Torches & Reading Lights (Battery or Solar, No Paraffin or Oil) 
  • Extra Cold Box 
  • Food & Drink 
  • Washing Up Liquid 
  • Bedding for Extra Guests 
  • Bubble Bath 
  • Bags of Dorset Charcoal (Available for Purchase) 

There are some items that we highly recommend bringing when you come glamping on our site, such as wet weather clothing and wellies. It is the UK after all, so you can never be sure what the weather will do, so it is best to be prepared. We also recommend bringing binoculars so you can watch the fantastic wildlife surrounding our sites, along with some extra games to help keep you entertained. 

We also recommend that you bring car chargers or a power bank for your phones and electricals. We do have electricity on site, but it is limited as it comes from solar power. This creates enough energy to fuel your essentials, such as the fridge and lights, but charging electricals will drain your energy supply.  

Can You Go Glamping in Winter?

The simple answer to the above question is that yes, you can go glamping in winter. Unlike camping, glamping provides you with a warm and cosy place to sleep, such as in our yurts, bus, or wagons. This means that, even when it is cold outside, you can be warm and comfortable inside. This isn’t something you can do with camping, as camping outside in winter will leave you frozen and uncomfortable. 

Plus, if you decide to go glamping in the winter, you will likely avoid all the crowds and find it easier to book the glamping accommodation you want. Most people tend to go glamping during the summer, so the winter will be quieter, allowing you more peace and quiet to enjoy the stunning countryside. 

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Are Glamping Tents Warm?

While traditional camping tents are the furthest from warm you can get, which is why many go camping during summer, you will find that glamping tents are warmer. Glamping tents are made of a thicker material than traditional camping tents, and they can be heated in a variety of ways, keeping the interior warmer.  

Are Glamping Pods Warm?

In addition to glamping tents, there is an accommodation option known as glamping pods, and these are also warm. Glamping pods are generally well-insulated with double glazing and include heating, so you can relax inside your glamping pod in warmth and comfort. And, as many glamping pods include showers and toilets inside, you most likely won’t have to leave the warmth and comfort of the pod. 

Toilet Facilities When Glamping

One of the main differences between camping and glamping is the availability of toilets on-site. When you go camping, you might find that the site has basic toilet facilities, if it has any at all. With glamping, however, you do get toilet and shower facilities. 

Here at Stock Gaylard, we go one further. Each accommodation type sits on its own private site, with its own private toilet and shower facilities. There are no shared amenities on our glamping site, so you will have access to working toilets, showers, and even an under the stars bath, all with hot water and all private to your glamping site. 

Check Out Glamping Experiences

Hopefully the above information has given you much more of an insight into glamping as a whole, as well as glamping on our site in Dorset. You should be more informed regarding what glamping entails and why so many choose glamping as a holiday option. If you wish to get started with your own glamping getaway on our stunning Dorset site, you need only reach out to us today and we can assist. 

Give us a call on 01963 23511 to speak to a member of our team directly or send an email to We will be happy to help you book your dream glamping holiday. Alternatively, you can check out our glamping experiences on our site and, if you wish to book, do so through our quick and simple online booking system. 

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