Off-Grid Holidays FAQ

Stock Gaylard offer peaceful escapes to a picturesque setting where it’s just you, your family, and nature. We call it glamping, and we’re sure you’ll love it!

Off grid holidays are hardly a new concept, but they have recently begun to surge in popularity. Many of us lead very busy, hectic lives that centre heavily around technology. Such a life can take its toll on a person if they don’t take time to recharge from time to time. Everyone is different, and while some are thrill seekers or enjoy holidays that keep them plugged in, others enjoy quite literally getting away from it all. 

What Does Off Grid Mean UK?

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You’ve likely heard the term off grid bandied about often, either by friends, colleagues, family members, or on the TV or the internet. Perhaps you’re unsure of its meaning and have long been curious. The term “off grid” means what you think it does, to remove yourself quite literally from society. No, this isn’t like Jason Bourne; going off grid, in this instance, just means disconnecting yourself from the electrical grid (hence the name). 

And by extension, off grid holidays also involve no technology, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. This is why we say, “remove yourself from society”. You’re essentially making yourself unavailable for the time you’re away, giving yourself a chance to enjoy a relaxing break without any distractions. 

Off grid living is becoming more and more popularised as the years go on, and this is largely because of the heavy involvement technology plays in our lives. Most days, a person is never too far from a screen, with most people owning a smartphone. Off grid living gives people a chance to unplug, kick back, and become get back to nature. Though, you’ll still have the creature comforts of home with Stock Gaylard. 

At Stock Gaylard, all our cabins are equipped with solar-powered lighting. The water and appliances are heated by gas, and we provide one load of logs for the campfire, etc. While staying at Stock Gaylard, you’ll not be provided with electricity for charging smartphones or other devices, making this a truly off-grid experience. 

Can You Go Off Grid in the UK?

The short answer is yes, you can live off grid in the UK, and it’s entirely legal to do so. There are no laws stating you can’t live off grid, so long as you’re allowed on the land, there’s nothing stopping you. When you stay in one of our yurts, you’re very much permitted to be on the grounds which we own, so there’s nothing to worry about. 

If you’re committed to the idea of getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and embracing nature, off grid glamping holidays are a great way of doing this. A key aspect of living off grid in the UK is that it releases from you stresses that are often part of your daily life. 

You likely know the reality of never-ending pings on your phone from social media, and perhaps you’re a person that spends many hours doom scrolling on Twitter. An off-grid holiday takes you away from the demands of your job and lets you disconnect from society for a short time. 

Ask anyone who lives off grid, and they’ll tell you that it’s an entirely new way of living. No electricity? No problem, as you can have solar panels installed to provide all your power requirements. Most people live miles from a convenience store, so they grow their own food, thus drastically lowering their consumption of processed foods. 

And living off grid has other benefits, too, such as: 

  • Boosting Mental Health 
  • Improving Physical Health 
  • Being Better for the Environment 
  • Allowing You to Become Freer 

How to Go Off the Grid UK?

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If you’re looking to live off grid in the UK, you’ll need to consider whether your property is suitable. The type, size, and location of the property will all be factors to consider. Bigger properties have larger energy requirements, so a smaller property would be far easier to power, as you’ll require a smaller solar array. 

The location of your property is important, as the further south your property is, the more sunlight it’ll receive. More sunlight means more energy for your solar panels to harness. Rural properties, which are usually preferred when living off grid, offer more space for renewables, including wind turbines and generators. 

And you likely won’t have to deal with noise complaints from operating these turbines and generators, as your closest neighbours could be a good mile or more away. In the UK, we’re lucky enough to have lots of countryside, so there are plenty of spots to choose from. If you’re opting for solar power, the South of England is best. 

While wind turbines would be better suited in Scotland or anywhere near the coast. For hot water, heat pumps and biomass boilers are excellent options, both of which can be sustained by your solar panels and/ or wind turbines. 

Of course, if you’re holidaying off grid, you won’t have to worry about such things as these will usually be provided by the site you’re staying on. 

Check Out Off Grid Holiday Experiences Today

Here at Stock Gaylard, we offer some terrific holiday experiences that you’re sure to love. We have a wonderful selection of yurts, which are essentially nomad-style tents. These large tents are big enough to comfortably sleep you and your family and come with all the facilities you’ll need for a pleasant stay. 

And we have a wonderful chalet too by the sea. This delightful chalet sits at the top of the chalet park, so expect stunning views from the sitting room. The Siesta Chalet is perfect for those that aren’t quite into glamping. To find out more about our accommodation options, call our team now on 01963 23511. 

“The most amazing weekend restoring my faith in camping - this place is absolutely beautiful.”

Chloe – July 2019